• History of The Burrito !!!

    • January 14, 2016 - 11:10 pm
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    Is  there any more delicious,  more compact, more filling, more economically wise food option in the world than the Burrito?  At Ole Ole, we think not.  The Burrito is the food that brings the white collar and the blue collar worker together.  The Burrito stands the test of time as being a highly important staple in the diet of Americans everywhere.

    Technically, a Tex-Mex dish, combining the flavors of Mexico with the brilliance of the American Southwest, the Burrito was first created arounBurrito w Picod 1895 with a young and aspiring restaurant owner who traveled around town making his delicious Mexican cuisine and wrapping it in large flour tortillas to keep his food warm for his customers.  1895 being too early for the food truck scene to have hit northern Mexico and the south-western United States, this young Mexican entrepreneur carted his wrapped tortilla’s with the help of his trusty donkey.  Hence the name, “Burrito” was eventually given to the overstuffed tortilla’s.

    At Ole Ole in Mattydale, New York we offer a variety of delicious burritos.  From our slow cooked and marinated to perfection Carnitas, to our Vegetarian Burrito featuring our    Marinated and grilled green and yellow squash, red bell peppers and red onions.  There is a Burrito for you and it can be found at Ole Ole in Mattydale, New York.  And don’t forget about our smothered Burritos, a specialty at Ole Ole.  Try one of our four authentic sauces to top your Burrito.  From our Rojo to our secret Ole Ole sauce with fire roasted vegetables. 

    We hope to see you for dinner tonight!